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Emancipation of 18 year old in MS

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  • Emancipation of 18 year old in MS

    My husband had adopted his ex-wife's son quite some time ago. He will turn 18 years of age on April 15, this year. His divorce papers state he will pay child support on this child until he becomes emancipated. How can we emancipate him? Is it possible to do without a lawyer?
    Also, the ex-wife will not provide ANY information regarding whether he is in school or if he has completed it or anything. She has paramount legal custody-which was given in an amendment because she lived in FL for the first year of their divorce. She is back in MS and we have yet to even try for joint custody again because of finances. She will certainly not just hand it back over. So anyway, we have no way of getting this info to what school he may be going to or if he even IS going to school. I think we should quit paying support for him when he turns 18 and just put the money in savings if something comes up and we do have to pay back support. Please help!