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  • Revisory Powers

    am currently being disciplined by a state licensing agency. There is no evidence to support their sanctions and according to the law I have the right to an administrative hearing which I have requested. The laws state the law judge can use revisory powers much as a judge in maryland rule 2-535(b).

    The law for this agency gives them final descision making authority no matter what the law judge rules. They can still find me guilty and sancton me even though the judge may find in my favor.

    My question is about revisory power. Can I by motion (which is legal per the law in admin hearings) ask the law judge to enact revisory powers and control over the final descision if I can prove that I will not be treated fairly? Also if I am off base please explain revisory power to me. I cannot find this is a law dictionary and have tried reading the rule. Now my head hurts.

    Thank you in advance of any and all help on this one.