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recordings in court? Louisiana

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    Agreed..I am also thinking the friend prolly wont give it to the mother,considering my buddy has dirt on the mothers friend,that will cause her to loose her job,her medical liscence,and her family...


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      Oh really?

      Your friend really thinks that whatever "dirt" he has could cause the other party to lose everything?

      I have to hear this.

      Reality check time:

      1. Sex offenders have to live somewhere. Unless Mom is hiring them to babysit the child/ren in question, it's a NON-issue.

      2. The PI taking video of the area? NON-issue.

      3. Seriously - Louisiana has no presumption in favor of OR against relocation. If all your buddy has is dirt on Mom? He's going to lose. In fact, that's about THE worst thing he could possibly do in court.


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        I guess all I know that he is getting a reputable lawyer that builds foundations for the evidence at hand,so there will be no objections..."from what I was told"....


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          Originally posted by ipaduser View Post
          I guess all I know that he is getting a reputable lawyer that builds foundations for the evidence at hand,so there will be no objections..."from what I was told"....

          Perhaps he needs a family attorney familiar with building relocation cases.


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            You can take what you have been told, and it will never match what a judge decides after looking at the evidence presented, ~~ if he decides to accept the information. Free information is worth every penny it costs. Information from a lawyer is not far behind. The judge is the only one that has a say that matters.

            Having "friends" that threaten peoples lives is usually not something that is smart to do.

            Threatening the mother of your child is especially wrong, as that can cause you to lose custody as well as spending time in jail.

            I never told my children my side of the divorce until they were adults. Then I showed them my evidence, and explained that she is still their mother, and deserves all the love she can get. Since I raised them for many years as a single parent, I did not have to justify myself, or her non payment of any support. They know who is calm collected, and willing to accept responsibility. I have to still make them call her.


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              Originally posted by ipaduser View Post
              well.He basically threaten her life..
              At that point, considering the rest of the thread, I strongly suggest that you make several copies of that recording and keep the original in a safe place. Then provide a copy to the police. Google Gonzales v. City of Castle Rock (2005) and read up on what happened there.

              We, as Americans and neighbors, have an obligation to report something as serious as this to the cops. Let them cops be held accountable for dropping the ball IF something happens. Better that it's on their conscience and not yours.

              So I suggest that you get a copy to the cops AND a typed statement giving all the details pertaining to the incident.

              I don't believe what I write, and neither should you. Information furnished to you is for debate purposes only, be sure to verify with your own research.
              Keep in mind that the information provided may not be worth any more than either a politician's promise or what you paid for it (nothing).
              I also may not have been either sane or sober when I wrote it down.
              Don't worry, be happy.

     is a good resource!