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How to report fraud by Child Support Enforcement Arizona

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  • How to report fraud by Child Support Enforcement Arizona

    The Child Support Enforcement office in Flagstaff, AZ has engaged in practice that to me seems fraudulent. This is a quick recap:

    In 1999, I had a modification hearing in which the judge stated the support modification was not to be retro-active. Child Support Enforcement made it retro-active anyway, and I disputed it. They wrote a letter to me in 2001 admitting their mistake and removed the arrears. In the letter they stated that they'd reviewed all court documents, and my modification was to be effective as of 11/1/99, not 5/99. I thought it was over.

    In 2009 they "reinterpreted" the court order, as there wasn't any verbiage in the order specifically forbidding it to be retro-active. They placed the arrears back on my account from 1999, and charged me 10 years of interest on it. This amounts to several thousand dollars. Child Support Enforcement stopped sending my monthly statements at this exactly same time, saying they were "going green", and that it had nothing to do with the sudden charge applied to my account.

    On March 1st of this year I started requesting an explanation of the charge applied to my account, but Child Support Enforcement refused to respond to my written requests and my phone calls for over 5 months. By the time I received my 1 and only return call, I had sent 8 faxes and made several hours of phone calls to their customer service. I finally got my case worker on the phone, and she told me she wasn't certain where the charge had come from, would look into it, and that she would call me back the following week. Needless to say, this didn't happen. I became immediately suspicious, and requested another recalculation. I only received the explanation on 9/17/2009, nearly 7 months after my first written request, after involving the Attorney General's office.

    I still have the documentation from 2001 and again from another arrears dispute in 2007 in which they admit I owed "no arrears and had no debt". Despite this, they still refuse to correct it and refund the money they've overcharged me.

    I want to file a formal complaint against the office and my case worker, but I have no idea what I would file and with which government agency. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    I am having a problem with them as well, do you have any info to share? Thanks Robert


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      Given that the poster has not been back since 2009, I hope you're not expecting a fast response....
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