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Bonding for in home daycare????

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  • Bonding for in home daycare????

    Im trying to start an in home daycare, it reading the policy and regulations it saying that I need a bond...I dont understand why, can anyone help me? I live in California

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    Hi RJ, bonding is like insurance however it covers acts of your employees (theft etc). The guide lines for running home daycares has become stricter and the requirement for a bond is just one example.

    Make sure you get the appropriate bond to satisfy the regulations in your area.

    You may want to take a look at our Baby and Child Care page.



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      I suggest that if you have an insurance agent and have any insurance with a bigger company, ask them how much a bond would cost for your business. They will ask you about how much the bond needs to be for and you need to find out what the minimum bond amount you are required to have. Usually, a bond cost is 1% of the face amount, plus whatever fees the bond surety -agent charges.