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Starting a Bookkeeping Service - CA

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  • Starting a Bookkeeping Service - CA

    I'm starting a bookkeeper service in california. I have one client right now. What do i need to start up? Can i just give my client a W-9 to send me a 1099, or do i actually need to get a business license? Do i need a tax id? And do i need a dba if I call my business (Last Name) Bookkeeping Service. Please help, i need to know what i need to start up.

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    First, depending on where you live, you probably will need to file for a local business license or some kind of business registration; requirements will vary from county to county/municipality to municipality. Not knowing the nature of your bookkeeping service, difficult to say if you need to have a state license, but suggest checking with the secy of state's office to be sure as you may also need licensure depending on if you are a LLC, company, etc... and not doing the business as a sole proprietor.