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  • stay at home mom

    I just joined this message board because of some posts by Heather and now i have searched and been unable to find her. She was discussing how to find ways to keep yourself occupied as a stay at home mom.
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    Hello, Im a stay at home mom to and I would love to help my husband
    out with the bills he doesnt want me to work but I get board around here
    and I would love to have a little extra money to spend on me from time to
    time as well and on my children cause after all the bills are paid we have
    enough to live on and thats about it so a little more money coming in would
    be great let me know how it goes for you and if anyone eles knows of any
    other great job online please let me know thanks so much......


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      There are lots of options out there. They take work and it is a struggle with 2 little ones at home, but it can be done.