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Individuals in Tuition Agency liable for sue?

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  • Individuals in Tuition Agency liable for sue?

    Hi, Currently my tuition agency business is operating as a sole proprietor. Clients would call in and we will assign tutors from our database to the client's house to teach the student 1 to 1.Our agency has hire a tele-coordinator to coordinate between tutor and clients.

    If our agency has assigned unknowingly,a tutor with a history of mental problem and physical damage is done to the student, are we as individual liable for sue if we are operating as a sole proprietor?
    If yes,how about if I changed it to Limited Liability Partnership? Will I still be held liable? Please help! Thank You

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    do you have a disclaimer to begin with?


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      If you adequately screened the tutor in compliance with state law,and some states require criminal history checks on folks who are going to work with youth and children, then your liability should be none if that comes back clean. If you did no screening in terms of complying wiht state law, that could be a problem. Laws vary by state, so I suggest consulting a local attorney.