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Starting a small business at my workplace

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  • Starting a small business at my workplace


    I work at a big plant in Ontario, and as for food the place only sells chips and chocolate bars and crap like that and I find these people are seriously undernourished.

    So I devised a plan to start selling hot food there, and then I talked to another employee and they said another guy already tried that and the company shut him down for business (because of the pittance they would make from their snackfoods).
    I dont understand how they can stop someone from doing that since he is in the union and its for the good of the people. maybe I could do it from a van or something outside the actual building. Or could it be their decision since it's their land or theirs laws against unlicensed people selling foods, I dont know.
    If anyone could share any knowledge that would be great!


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    Be careful as you could lose your job over this; basically, it is the company's workplace, not yours, and whoever is a vendor there needs their permission to sell there.


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      yup, you need permission for such biz