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NO-employee LLC, e-commerce business, members residing outside Nevada

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  • NO-employee LLC, e-commerce business, members residing outside Nevada

    I am considering forming an LLC in*Nevada*together with 2 friends. We all live in different states, none of which is Nevada.
    The business considered in an Online Website selling products that we buy from all over US (and maybe in time, from other countries also).
    We want to choose to file taxes as a Corporation, not flow-through (I know we need to stick with this for 5 years).
    We don't want to have anyone as a payed employee, at least for a while, since we are starting with a low budget (a few thousand dollars) and we can not afford to pay someone: that would ruin the business before it will actually take off! We all agree that we need to work for our company FOR FREE for a while, until we get it on the right track.
    I intend to be the main driver of the business, but again I don't intend to pay myself any salary for a while (I have other means of living).
    - The Question # 1 is: I keep reading everywhere that an LLC should have at least 1 employee, and that's something unfeasible right now. I don't even intend (in case the business is making good money in its first year of existence) to take any money out as profits, but keep it all in the business.
    And, by the way, we don't intend to pay ourselves as contractors either, we know about this also.
    - The Question # 2 is: Do I need to register the business in my State (as foreign entity)? All I need to run this business is NOT an office, but a Laptop and a Cell Phone that I carry with me while traveling all over the country contacting prospective buyers and sellers...
    And, by the way, if I have to be considered an employee, and my domicile is in a different State, that would mandate for me to register the business*in my State also (as foreign entity), am I right?

    In conclusion, I do really want to create the LLC in Nevada (for all the obvious advantages), but NOT if I need to have a payed employee, and NOT if I need to also register it**in my State (as foreign entity).
    Is there a way for me and my partners?


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    Duplicate post.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Please post your question only once - thanks.

      See which has answers.
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