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Will starting a business hurt my financial aid for college Florida

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  • Will starting a business hurt my financial aid for college Florida

    I am planning on starting a computer related business out of my home. I am presently attending school part time with a good way to go before I finish school and presently attending school on student loans. At the time of my employment i was working part time and recently got full time work but my income still won't have me breaking $30,000 a year. I was going to obtain a EIN and possibly incoporate my business as a LLC or S corporation possibly incorporating out of Nevada. I don't know what obtaining clients will look like other than a struggle and I don't want to have my financial aid go down and be told I have to pay out of pocket when possibly I may not be able to afford to.

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    DenniT, please do not reply to old threads - this thread is from 2-2011. I'm
    sure the original poster got an answer somewhere to their question by now.
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