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Do you need a business license to get a resale certificate?

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  • Do you need a business license to get a resale certificate?

    I also need a resale certificate or seller's permit. I looked at the PA 100 and it looks like i would have to have a business license in order to get a seller's permit. I am an Independent Consultant for Diamond Creek candles and if I want to buy their candles wholesale in order to sell at local events and fairs I need a seller's permit. So do you know if I need a business license first in order to obtain a Seller's permit?

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    I believe you are really asking if you need a sales tax license, rather than a business license.

    If you are, indeed, asking if you need a Pennsylvania sales tax license, the answer is yes if you are selling at retail in the state of Pennsylvania. You exemption from sales tax on the purchase of the candles is based on the fact that you will resell the candles and collect and remit sales tax to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania upon your sale to the consumer.

    If you are asking if you need a business license, that is something that depends on the laws of the particular locality you are doing business in. Except for certain regulated businesses, Pennsylvania does not license business at the state level. Check with your local city or county.
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      No i was asking if i needed a business license. I know for sure that I need the seller's permit. I didn't contact the my borough office though to see if they had more info. Thank you