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Offshore Corp and LLC on H1B in California

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  • Offshore Corp and LLC on H1B in California

    I saw a lot of questions on LLCs on H1B status all over the net. However, I'm not married to a US LLC/Corp solution route but am rather just trying to accomplish two related goals:
    1) additional income (legal) while residing in the US on an H1B
    2) liability protection (without having to partner with anyone to establish a domestic LLC/corp).

    Since I cannot establish and work for my own LLC or Corp on H1B status, could openning an LLC or Corp in home country or offshore be a good route? It provides a company behind the product and liability protection. For an internet product which only makes money through advertisments, it does not appear that the offshore corp would be required to register in the US (it doesn't need to be registered in any other country whose residents have access to the product via the web). Yes, the owner would be residing in the US and working on the product from the US, but that doesn't seem to matter anywhere else in the world...

    So the bottom line: Although an H1B can own an LLC as an investor, since the US does not allow us to do work for it while on H1B for a different company, would an offshore Corp be a good legal solution to #1 and #2? What, if any taxes would be owed to the US?

    Any advice greatly appreciated!

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    Any Answers Please


    What could be the cons by doing so?