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HELP! Husband is hiding assets in LLC... Michigan

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  • HELP! Husband is hiding assets in LLC... Michigan

    I have been living a nightmare for almost 3 years. On Nov.19th, 2005 my husband of twentyfive years moved out. As I have since found out, it was just before a major move in our companies involving a trademarked paint company we owned. Now I believe that he & his partner have disolved the parent corporation & are hiding the assets in a LLC. I know the name but don't know how to prove ownership. I'm out of resorces, having spent everything available to me on my first attorney & he hasn't paid any support or bills except for my mortgage since Sept. 2007. He says Feb. payment was the last he would pay. My house is way over mortgaged, the real one isn't bad but somehow when we were remortgaging alot when rates were low one wasn't but instead somehow became a $250,000 business loan + a $66,000 equity loan that I agreed to because it was suppose to be the downpayment for the building our parent corp. was housed in. I've had arthritis problems since I was 19 & the stress is not helping + I just found out he has stopped my med. insurance. I've been living, barely, on the $100 a week I was making babysitting. This ended at X-mas, the same time he almost succeeded in sneeking a default judgment of divorce through,(he steals my mail alot) it was sheer luck that I came home a day early and got my mail, he was waiting for it but left when I showed up. We go to court on the 25th (he's trying to change that) & I'm destitude & desperate so any help will be totally appreciated. Having been a homemaker since I was 18 my marketable skills are nil. Please don't bother to tell me I'm stupid, I already know it, otherwise, thanks for any useful advice, Mary
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    Mary, I assume that you still have an attorney since you mentioned "my first attorney." No one is better positioned to give you advice than your own attorney. If you don't have an attorney, get one fast. You are at a significant disadvantage dealing with your husband. A good attorney can help level the playing field.
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