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can you 'transfer' a LLC to tx? Texas

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  • lindleytx
    started a topic can you 'transfer' a LLC to tx? Texas

    can you 'transfer' a LLC to tx? Texas

    My husband is self employed/independent contractor who is paid through his personal LLC which was initially set up in MS (where we were living and working at the time). He is still working for the same company but we now live in TX.
    My question is what is the procedure for creating the LLC in TX? Can you 'transfer' the information or do we have to refile completely?
    Also, as far as articles of incorporation are concerned, would we need to see a lawyer to have those drafted or is that something we can find a form on the internet to use?
    Any guidance would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

    If your husband's LLC is conducting buisness in the state of Texas, the LLC has to be recognized and authorized to conduct business in Texas. You do this by domesticating the LLC in Texas or registering the LLC as a foreign entity (keeping MS as the domestic site). Your CPA or lawyer can walk you through the details.

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