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LLC in Nevada but Bank Account in California....Possible?

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  • LLC in Nevada but Bank Account in California....Possible?

    If I create a LLC in Nevada and want to open an HSBC checking account in California, can I do that? Or I have to open the bank account where my LLC is formed?

    Thanks in advance.....



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    Nevada LLC doing business in California?

    Do you mean open an account with a bank that is based in California? Or open a bank account with a California address?

    If the former, I see no reason why an LLC can't obtain services from out of state, absent an pecuiliar Nevada state law to the contrary (which would probably be unconstitutional, but I digress...).

    If the latter, then you are probably needing such an account because you are "doing business in" California, and required under California law to register your foreign (Nevada) LLC with the Secretary of State, with all of the reporting, registered agent, and tax/fee obligations inherent therein.
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