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Forming a corp in a different state Texas

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  • Forming a corp in a different state Texas

    Hello all. I've been searching Google for a few questions about incorporation which I haven't been able to find. Firstly, I am from Texas but I read that starting a corp in Nevada is a lot better for tax purposes. My question is do I have to have a physical address in Nevada or any other state for that matter to start a corp in that specified state. I would honestly think so but with weird laws and loopholes I thought I'd ask. If so what are the stipulations. For example, one must have at least a PO Box in the state of incorporation or the corp can only operate out of Nevada etc etc. Also another question I have not been able to get around is when filling out the paperwork for incorporation I run into this section about stocks. How many shares I want to start with and how much each one is worth. Can someone explain this to me and also hopefully tell me what is a good starting point. I don't know if the number of starting shares effects anything in the long run. Thank you very much.

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    I think a good starting point if you want your corporation to be a successfully would be to speak with an investment broker and or an Attorney, I'm sure they could provide you with far more complete answers.
    Good Luck.

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      Nolo Press has some pretty good books for laypeople on how to incorporate.
      I am not an attorney, and don't play one on TV. Any information given is a description only and should be verified by your attorney.


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        Agree that a Nolo Press book is a good idea but you most likely will still want to run everything by an attorney eventually.
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          To answer your first very specific question - no, you do not need to have a physical office in a state in order to incorporate a business in the state. You DO have to have a physical address in Nevada for the service of process, but the address is the address of the Nevada registered agent. If you are not physically present in Nevada, then you cannot be the registered agent in Nevada. Instead, you will need to hire a professional registered agent to perform that role.

          As for the second question, there is no requirement for the number of shares or the minimum capital for a Nevada corporation. However, there are issues depending on whether you use par or no par value shares - par value shares you must at least pay par value.
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