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Moving S corp from NJ to PA New Jersey

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  • Moving S corp from NJ to PA New Jersey

    I'm moving and I wish to move my S-corp from NJ to PA with me.
    Is it less expensive to run an S-corp in PA? The corporation at present manages medical offices, but this business will close and a new e-business designing web sites will open. I wish to open this new business with address in PA.
    Should I place the corporation into dormancy here in NJ and re-activate it in PA or transfer the company some other way?
    Since the company has a federal tax number do I have to create a new corporation in PA?
    I read your answer to a previous comp. owner who's moving from NYS to WA. You mentioned F reorganization. Does the company continue to pay taxes in the original state? We want nothing more to do with NJ.
    Thank you. This is an excellent forum.