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Bankruptcy in South Dakota

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  • Bankruptcy in South Dakota


    I live with my boyfriend, we have a daughter, and since she was born I have been a stay at home mom. I talked to an attorney before our daughter was born about doing bankruptcy and at the time I was making $400/month. The attorney wanted my boyfriend's name and income to add to my bankruptcy filing. We don't want his name on anything because he filed bankruptcy 10 years ago and his credit is doing awesome, we're afraid that with his name on my bankruptcy he will be dinged also.

    Why do they need my boyfriend's name and income for my bankruptcy? Should I lie and say I live with a friend?

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    You can file bankruptcy on your own w/o your boyfriend also filing but
    they need to know all household members & what they contribute to the
    household expenses, income they bring in, etc.

    You need to talk to a bankruptcy attorney in your area to see if you qualify
    for bk & do not lie about anything. A bk attorney should be able to answer
    any questions you might have.

    PS - if you said you lived with a friend, they would want their info.
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