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possible bankruptcy fraud Oklahoma

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  • possible bankruptcy fraud Oklahoma

    i am aware of a situtation of possible bankruptcy fraud...this is the situation where a single person filled bankruptcy and signed most papers on 6-13-06 with her lawyer..while looking at these docs i had 2 catch my eye...both being income documents stating current income....the first shows 0 income (commission only and had made no $ to this date) the second showing $3483.33 per mo---same employee---same employer.....keep in mind both docs are dated 6-13-06 and both docs signed by the debtor. and both can be found on oscn..there were a few other docs that had false info on them as well but these two being the most obvious.... the day after her 341 meeting she had a boat and truck in her yard and her mortgage (6k behind) was now current.... what should i do?

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