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Debt Collection New York Please help ASAP

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  • Debt Collection New York Please help ASAP

    Please help us here.

    Two years ago my friend had opened 3 credit cards under his dad's name (idiot). What is sad is that his dad does not even know about them. One CC with MBNA which he maxed out for $5000.00, One Discover card for $2500.00 and one Capital One for $1500.00. All three credit cards are over the limit and he has stopped making the minimum payments on all while ago. In fact, he never made any payment toward MBNA at all because he has been in and out of jobs.

    Two years have passed and the debt have reached collection agencies and they just donít stop writing or calling.

    This has not happened yet but can the collection agencies garnish his dad's wages? If yes, when?

    What about their house which is financed under his mom and dadís name?

    I know credit cards are unsecured debts but what will happen to them eventually?

    Best Regards,