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What happens now . . . Montana Missouri

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  • pts123
    started a topic What happens now . . . Montana Missouri

    What happens now . . . Montana Missouri

    My wife and I filed Chapter 13 almost 3 years ago and I just lost my job. What happens now? I'm lookiing, but you know what I'm up against. With our monthly Bankruptcy payment (about $1000) and our current mortgage (about $900) and our normal bills we need almosy $3500.

    Unemployment gets me about $1500. Is there any consideration from the Bankruptcy court? What does someone due in this situation? I would put the first dollars toward the mortgage, that being the most important? Is there any sort of consideration for this and an adjustment to be made or something? Help?

    Jerry in KC
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  • Betty3
    If you have a bankruptcy lawyer, you need to inform them of this change in income. If you have no lawyer, who helped you file bk, you need to inform the trustee of the loss of your job & change in income.

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