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Which amendments require fees? Maine

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  • Which amendments require fees? Maine

    The fee should be assessed per filing. Thus, if an amendment is filed which contains more than one change to the schedule of creditors or list of creditors, only one $26 fee should be charged. Examples of amendments which require a fee include: adding creditors, deleting creditors, changing the amount specified as being owed to a creditor, or changing the classification of a debt. A fee should not be charged, however, when the nature of the amendment is simply to change the address of a listed creditor. Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 2002(g) provides that creditors may request that notices be sent to them at any address they may direct. Moreover, the only document that would need amending in such circumstances is the mailing list or matrix; there is no need to amend a schedule when the only change is an updated address. Additionally, no fee should be charged if the amendment adds the name and address of an attorney for a creditor listed on the original schedules so that the attorney can receive copies of all notices. The attorney is not being added as a creditor.