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What chapter is right for me? Maine

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  • What chapter is right for me? Maine

    You have a choice in deciding which chapter of the Bankruptcy Code will best suit your needs. The decision whether to file a bankruptcy, and under which chapter to file depends on the particular circumstances of the debtor. There is no way that a simple statement can spell out all the different things to be considered. Also, considering your personal facts, comparing them to each chapter's requirements, and deciding which chapter to select, would be giving you legal advice. The Clerk's Office staff and bankruptcy petition preparers, including typing services and paralegals, are prohibited from giving you legal advice. Only a lawyer can give you legal advice.

    The decision whether to file a bankruptcy and under what chapter is an extremely important decision and should be made only with competent legal advice from an experienced bankruptcy attorney after a review of all of the relevant facts of the debtor's case.