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  • reaffirm mortgage Louisiana

    In 2005, we filed for bankruptcy. We did not want to include our house in the bankruptcy, but, in the end it was not reaffirmed. Our mortgage lender said as long as we kept up with the payments, no action would be taken upon us. Actually, we were told that we could not miss more than 3 payments in a row. We have never missed one payment and really want to rebuild our credit, however, because the loan was not reaffirmed our payments are not being reported. I want to know, with these bailouts going on, should we have to refinance our home (if that is at all possible) to keep from being evicted in the event that our mortgage gets bought up as an at-risk loan--even though we are current on our payments?

    In simple terms, how do the bailouts affect mortgages that were included in a bankruptcy, but, payments were continued?

    And, is it better to just refinance a mortgage after it has been included in a bankruptcy? Is this needed for protection against eviction?