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Chapter 7 Extension - Illinois

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  • Chapter 7 Extension - Illinois

    I filed Chapter 7 in late July 2007. I have reaffirmed at least two agreements and have been represented by counsel the whole time.

    The US Bankruptcy Trustee filed for an extension to review my case based on new information regarding a mortgage. I was a victim of mortgage fraud with near perfect credit when I was the straw buyer. The seller forged a Quit Claim placing the property back in their name thus not allowing me to sell and I became delinquent in payments. I sued the seller and after almost a year was given a summary judgment and the property was placed back in my name, I was not given a judgment for any money in this court. Then the seller placed a fradulent lien on the property again not allowing me to sell the property or hand over to the bank or do a short sale.

    So I filed for bankruptcy shortly after the bank sued me for foreclosure.

    My attorney sent a quick note to the Turstee stating the reason for my filing and the Trustee wrote back stating that he was not aware of the mortgage fraud (which was discussed during my first hearing with no issues).
    The extension is until January 31st - I met all of the Chapter 7 laws in filing.

    What is typically an outcome of an extension request by an Trustee like this?