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Ch 11 and wage claims Illinois

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  • Ch 11 and wage claims Illinois

    I have unpaid vacation time after being terminated. The employer is saying they cannot pay out the full amount immediately but will repay over a four month period. If the employer files for Chapter 11; and I file a Wage Claim with the Ill Dept of Labor before the employer files for Ch 11.....will the Bankruptcy Court view the Wage Claim as being a higher priority than other creditors? Or is filing the Wage Claim or going to Small Claims Court a mute point?

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    Interesting question. Really.

    Some (maybe most) states have a pool of money to pay employees of companies that go belly up before paying the employee for wages earned, but I have NO idea if that pool extends to earned, unpaid vacation in my state or any other state.

    I will have to do some research on this subject.

    I have no idea how the Bankruptcy Court would treat your claim for unpaid vacation time.
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