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What is the basic procedure for filing documents using CM/ECF? Hawaii

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  • What is the basic procedure for filing documents using CM/ECF? Hawaii

    CM/ECF is far more than just a method for transmitting documents to the court in electronic format. When a new case or document is sent to the court, the user will input case information which will create the docket text for the new event or set up a new case in our system. The user will attach the filed document to the docket text and the system will generate a receipt showing the filing date and transmit the receipt to both the user and to any parties who are registered CM/ECF users in the case. This notification will contain a hyperlink to the document so that the parties will be able to actually view the filed document.

    Here are the basic steps:

    The user creates the document using some type of work processing software and converts the document to a PDF file.

    The user logs into the court CM/ECF server using the login and password which is provided after court training.

    The user will then select the area of this program which contains a list of types of documents which can be docketed and filed. Upon selection of the correct type of document the user will then be prompted to enter case information needed to create the appropriate docket entry.

    The user will be prompted to attach the PDF document for filing and this document will be linked to the docket text.

    The user will be prompted to pay the filing fee if one is required

    The user will be shown the docket text which has been created. If the text is approved, the document will be filed and the filer will receive a receipt which indicates the exact time and date on which the document was filed. Other parties will receive a notification at the same time of the filing and will be able to view the filed document.