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How do I obtain copies or certified copies of documents? Florida

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  • How do I obtain copies or certified copies of documents? Florida

    Copies may be obtained directly from the Court at a fee of $.50 per page (maximum of 5 pages at one time) and certified copies at $.50 per page (maximum of 5 at one time) and a $9.00 certification fee. For copy requests exceeding these limits, customers are referred to contract copy services vendor, Judicial Research and Retrieval Services, Inc. A list of their services and fees can be found by clicking here: Judicial Research & Copy Service or by calling: Tampa (813) 228-7200; Orlando (407) 999-7717; and Jacksonville (904) 356-9110. (Note: Judicial Research also has staff on site in Tampa’s intake office.)
    Files that are no longer housed in our courthouse facilities are archived at the Archive Center in Ellenwood, Georgia to retrieve files through the mail; the requestor must include the case name, case number, and $26.00 search fee for the archived information.

    However, there is no charge for this information to customers who come to the Clerk’s office. The Clerk’s office will first verify the case was filed in that particular division. The clerk’s office will then provide the “Request for Bankruptcy Case File” form, with the accession number, box number, and location number. Once you receive this information, you may contact the Archive Center in Atlanta, Georgia, for copies. The telephone number for the center is (404) 763-7474, fax number is (404) 763-7815.