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What happens if a document is filed in error? District of Columbia

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  • What happens if a document is filed in error? District of Columbia

    Docketing in CM/ECF occurs in real time. Therefore, errors immediately
    appear on the docket and are distributed through the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) email to other participating e-filers. Deletions of entries on the docket or associated PDF documents are very rare. CM/ECF allows court personnel to edit errors made in the docket entry. In the course editing and correcting entries, court staff may ask e-filers to file amended pleadings. Instances that affect calendar entries and noticing will need to be

    Depending on the situation, e- filers will be asked to file a “Request to Withdraw Document” to remove the pleading from the record. E- filers may also be asked to submit and Amended Motion/Application to correct a problem. In many instances, the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Columbia will request the e-filer to file an additional, “corrective” pleading rather than edit the original docket entry. This allows the distribution of the correct information to the participants who originally received the
    erroneous information. (Updated August 2004).