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HELP !! FILED CHAPTER 13 Connecticut

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  • HELP !! FILED CHAPTER 13 Connecticut

    ...I am bugging I filed Chapter 13 in order to save my house and I believe I have lost it. I received a letter ...Order dismissing chapter 13 case with prejudice. Now from my understanding that is it, and if so what are my options, and since they dismissed it will they return the monies I just sent. HELP, HELP HELP for real........

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    What did you're attorney say was the courts reason for dismissing your filing? If you don't have one, it's best that you get one immediately.
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      Incorrect form?

      I hope you didn't use one of those free forms you can find on the internet that never get updated. Haven't you heard that old saying, you can't get anything good for free. At least download a form from a respectable website that has an attorney update their forms to be valid with their current state's laws. These kind of websites will also include detailed instructions. You can also drive down to your city's court house, wait in line, and they'll print out just a bankruptcy form for a 'print fee' for you. Another possibility is that the form wasn't filled in correctly. In that case hire a local attorney or pick up a handbook along with Connecticut's current chapter 13 bankruptcy forms at my website.
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