In order to expedite the handling of complaints of criminal violations in the bankruptcy system, the United States Trustee requires that your complaint be submitted in a signed letter, bearing your return address and telephone number to:

Office of the United States Trustee
Special Investigations Unit
230 N. First Ave., Ste. 204
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Upon receipt, your complaint will be reviewed promptly. If the information furnished establishes a reasonable belief that a criminal violation has occurred, the matter will be referred to the United States Attorney. If the United States Attorney deems the matter to hold prosecutorial merit, it will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigation. A clearly written statement containing copies of any available documentation will expedite this process.

Submit the following information:
1) The bankruptcy case name and file number, together with copies of any pertinent court filings.
2) A chronological summary of the matter.
3) A narrative of what occurred.
4) Names, addresses and telephone numbers (to the extent available) of the subjects and witnesses known to you.

Once a bankruptcy petition is filed, all information submitted regarding the debtor or entity becomes a matter of public record, no matter what the outcome of the case. This information, which is regularly checked by credit companies, may affect the debtor's or entity's credit rating.