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What is the policy on refunds? Arizona

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  • What is the policy on refunds? Arizona


    Filing Fees

    Pursuant to the Guide to Judiciary Policies and Procedures Chapter XII, filing fees may not be refunded if the filing was in error or the case is dismissed.

    The following filing fees may not be refunded if it later appears that the filing of the document incurring the fee was in error.

    1. Bankruptcy Petition Filing Fee
    2. Motion/Notice of Conversion Filing Fee
    3. Motion to Reopen Filing Fee
    4. Adversary Complaint or Notice of Removal Filing Fee
    5. Notice of Appeal Filing Fee
    6. Motion for Relief From Stay or to Modify Stay Filing Fee
    7. Motion to Compel Abandonment Filing Fee
    8. The fee for filing any paper where there is not a pending case, to include registering a judgement from another district
    9. Fee for de-consolidation of a joint case

    Refundable Payments

    The following are examples that may be refunded:

    1. The filing fee can be refunded when it is paid and receipted where there is no requirement that a filing fee be paid.
    2. A refund can be made when an overpayment is received for any of the required statutory filing fees. The court is only entitled to the prescribed amount.

    Request for Refund

    Requests for refunds must be in writing and submitted to the following United States Bankruptcy Court addresses, Attention: Financial Administration. Upon receipt of the written documentation an order will be prepared and routed to the appropriate judge. Once the judge approves the order for a refund a voucher will be created to refund the fee.

    James A. Walsh Courthouse
    38 S. Scott Avenue
    Tucson, AZ 85701

    520-202-7500 PHOENIX DIVISION

    U.S. Federal Building
    230 N. First Ave., Suite 101
    Phoenix, AZ 85003-1706

    602-682-4000 YUMA DIVISION

    U.S. Bankruptcy Court
    P.O. Box 13011
    Yuma, AZ 85366