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How do I get certified copies of documents? Alaska

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  • How do I get certified copies of documents? Alaska

    You may come to the Clerk's Office and request certified copies. There is a printing fee and a certification fee for each document to be certified. Alternatively, if you know the documents you are looking for, you can mail a request to the Clerk's Office. Your request must specifically identify the documents you want certified. Be sure to include the case name, case number, filing date and the title of the specific documents which you wish to have certified. In addition, please include your name, address and daytime contact number, so the Clerk can reach you if he has any questions about your request.
    Also, if you request certified documents by mail, you must include payment for the Clerk's file research and certification with your request. The payment must be in the form of either a bank cashiers check or a U.S. Postal money order made payable to the United States Bankruptcy Court. The fees that apply when requesting a certified document by mail include: a per document research fee, a certification fee per document, and a per page photocopy fee. If you are unsure of what the total charge for certifying the document will be, leave the dollar amount of your check blank, and in the dollar line insert the words "Not to exceed Fifty Dollars." If you are able to come to the Clerk's Office to request a certified copy, the research fee will not be charged.