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How do I obtain information about a case? Alaska

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  • How do I obtain information about a case? Alaska

    Telephone Access: Basic information, such at the debtor or debtor's attorney's name, case number, or the name of the trustee is available on the telephone by calling the VCIS (Voice Case Information System) at (907) 271-2658 or 1-888-878-3110. This information is provided free of charge and is available 24 hours a day from any touchtone phone.
    Computer Access: Electronic case summaries, docket information, and viewable copies of all pleadings filed since 2000, may be retrieved via the Internet through the Public Access to Court Electronic Records system (PACER). This system requires that you be a registered participant, and there is a fee for access ($0.08 per page, with a page being approximately 50 lines of text). This charge is limited to the first thirty pages of a document or report screen you are running, but is charged each time you open a new document. PACER is available by opening the browser on your computer and typing in the address: "". For PACER registration information, please call (800) 676-6856.

    Also, Motznik Information Services in Anchorage has some bankruptcy case filing data available. For access and cost information, please contact Motznik directly at (907) 344-6254.

    In Person: Documents may be viewed in person or retrieved for copying at the Clerk's Office. Cases which are one year old or older may be closed and archived at the Federal Records Center in Seattle, Washington. To determine if a case has been archived, contact the Clerk's Office. Records may be obtained directly from the Federal Records Center, but you will need to obtain certain archiving information from the Clerk's Office prior to requesting information from the National Records and Archive Administration (NARA), which oversees the Federal Records Center.

    Copies of documents: Copies of court records and documents can be obtained in the Clerk's Office, or through the PACER system.