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What do you mean by ‘Matrix'? Alaska

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  • What do you mean by ‘Matrix'? Alaska

    A creditor matrix is a list of the names and current addresses of all creditors and other parties that should have notice of a bankruptcy. It is prepared by a debtor and must be filed at the same time the bankruptcy petition is filed. As a debtor, it is your responsibility to ensure you have listed current, valid addresses for your creditors. If mail sent by you or the Clerk's Office regarding your bankruptcy comes back as "undeliverable," it is your responsibility to try to find a good address for the creditor and notify the Clerk's Office of the good address. Additionally, if you obtain a different address for a creditor after you file your bankruptcy, you must notify the Clerk's Office in writing of the new address.
    It is possible for creditors and other parties to add themselves to the matrix as well. Names may be added or changed when a creditor files a proof of claim in your bankruptcy case or files a notice of change of address. Attorneys who appear in your case on behalf of a creditor will also get added to the matrix.