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  • Tennessee-Divorce-Chapter 13-Form to lift stay Tennessee

    I am in a pretty messed up divorce situation. Long story short, I've lost house, money, everything...out of fear...I have started trying to finally stand up for myself but I am doing this pro se so if anyone can help I would appreciate it greatly.

    My husband and I are jointly in Chapter 13 in Tennessee.
    He forced me out of my house and then I was served with papers asking for the house to be awarded to him.
    I responded and filed a counter complaint, citing the automatic stay not being lifted as one affirmative defense. I also filed a counter complaint and have 7 days to file for the stay to be lifted myself.

    I am trying to find a form that asks that the automatic stay be lifted. (Laws changed in 2005, right? My understanding is that if dissolution of marriage proceeds to a point that it seeks to divide property that is the property of the bankruptcy estate, the stay must be lifted. The house is a part of the bankruptcy -13- with arrears still being paid through the bankruptcy as well...and he wanted the judge to order it be awarded to him.) At this point I don't even know if the my counter complaint is able to be filed or could be easily dismissed...So I need to do this fast...

    Can anyone help me to find this form please? A pro-se or example form for "Motion of lift stay of relief."

    I don't even know where to send this to in Tennessee when I get it so that would be helpful as well.
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