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I'm innocent! Ohio

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  • I'm innocent! Ohio

    I was accused of stealing a pair of sun glasses by a dirty security guard who herself stole from a certain discount drug store "candy bars & ice cream & other snacks". I was aquainted with her by way of my EX-crackhead husband. She used to smoke with him. Anyway one day I jokingly asked her if that was a perk that came with the job, well she was so offened that she treated me like dirt ever since. (She didn't pay for the snacks- the cashiers told me, but because of her sheer stature 6'10" & 400lbs everyone was afraid of her). Then one day when I took my little 5 yr old and 3yr old to the store and bought 98$ worth of crap, I realized I hadn't paid for the sunglasses (I had gone in there for) and turned back to have the cashier hold them for me, "Jackie" the amazon wench manhandled me and wrote up a bull**** paper charging me with theft. I've never paid it, and I never went to court either. But it has haunted me ever since, that among a slew of other negative debt, unpaid bills, lawsuits, I was married to a drug addict for 10 yrs. Anyway is that something that can be expunged? And is that a misdemeanor conviction that I have to account for on job applications that do backround checks?

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    If you never went to court and never paid it, odds are that it was never turned in.

    Talk to the mall management about the situation and have them see if you are in the retailer's registry.
    Not everything that makes you mad, sad or uncomfortable is legally actionable.

    I am not now nor ever was an attorney.

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      Did you ever go to court?
      Were the police called?

      If the answer is no, in all probabilities there were no actual "charges"

      Call your local Sheriff's Office and ask them about a criminal history on yourself or submit the paperwork and fingerprint cards to the FBI for a background search. No biggie.


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        I'm Innocent!Ohio

        No I didn't go to court although I was "suphenaed"-not sure how to spell that. It went through the courts and still remains on my credit report. And thanks for your feedback, I am trying to do something about my bad credit, but it's a struggle.


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          Did you go to court as the subpoena demanded?

          If you were called to court as a defendant and you never appeared, there may well be a Failure to Appear warrant for your arrest.
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            I called around to state and local offices no one has any record of a warrant.