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should i file bankrupty ??? Illinois

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  • should i file bankrupty ??? Illinois

    I am a us resident , got divorced after 4 yrs of marriage.
    We bought a house in November 2001 in cahokia , IL and we got divorced in march ( yeah i kno...).and temp. move d abck to germany
    When we bought the house I co signed but before i left I got a document from the morgage company stating that he is teh sole owner - I thought that that meant no financual obligations

    When I got refus d for credit a couple of years laterin the states i got my credit report and it stated that he basically made no payments and file for bankrupty later - when i called the company Loan company i was told as long as he doesnt refinance i am also responsible for the house . How messed up is that - he never paid a cnet in alimony ( 200 dollars and a couple of thousand dollars tax return - never saw a dime ) I don and didnt ahve the funds to go the a lawyer but this is messed up - I try to contact him but I am sure he will show NO cooperation ( after we split he desperaately tried to get me back ) .

    IS there a chance this will be taken off my credtireport after so ans so many years?? I am currently residing in VA now

    thank you sooo much in this matter!