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Lien on our property from my old debt Utah

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  • Lien on our property from my old debt Utah

    Six or so years ago....I was given a judgment from Sears for a credit card that I couldnt pay due to my divorce. At the time I had just lost my job as well so nothing ever came of the judgment...I didnt even show up in court. This was in Illinois.

    Now I am remarried and living in Utah. Somehow Sears has gotten ahold of my new husband. He and I bought a house together almost 2 years ago. Both of our names are on the mortgage..I am the primary.

    My husband is self employed as a sole proprietor and I am not listed on the business license....he is. I do not work. I stay at home. We file taxes jointly and have joint checking accounts.

    My question is....can they put a lien on our house for my old judgment? Or on anything else we now have together? The amount they say I owe is $1700. What is my best recourse? Should I agree on payments since it is a judgment....or see what happens?