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Two credit cards through one bank?

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    Two credit cards through one bank?

    In article <[email protected]>,
    Steven O. <[email protected]> wrote:
    Is there is any kind of potential problem or risk if I have only two credit cards, and both of them are issued through the same underlying bank? (In other words, one might be from my favorite airline, to get frequent flyer miles, and the other from my favorite bookstores, but both of them are really controlled by XYZ National bank.) I have no idea what kinds of issues I'm even looking for, so I don't know how to frame this as anything other than a general question, but I'd appreciate leads for any possible areas of concern.
    What kind of issues could there be? I have done that before. No credit
    card issuer would care. For example, I had a regular Discover card and a
    Platinum Card for a couple of years. Then I realized there was no point
    to having both cards so I dropped the regular Discover card.