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Medical bankruptcy

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    Medical bankruptcy

    "Johnny" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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    Hey Johnny and Rick........remember me? Can you give me helpful advice?
    The best advice I can give you is to seek a lawyer. I had large medical bills/credit card bills, and BK was a good option for me. Most lawyers will review your status for free, so give some a call. You cannot just ignore them, and hope everything will be OK. Even if you never pay them, you will start getting the phone calls. This will cause a good bit of stress, and you may end up back in the hospital with even more bills. The BK process was fairly simple, since I had done my homework, and everything went smoothly. I was actually surprised, and the amount of stress that has been lifted off my wife and I (and our relationship) is amazing. I believe Howard and Dave are actual BK lawyers. I would trust their advice over someone who claims that credit cards can be charged however high you want, and then just not paid because you dont feel like it. Thats the best legal advice I can give you, since I am in fact not a lawyer, but a lowly computer programmer.
    Listen. I got a lawyer and he did not even file. I told my dad who had to front him the $1000 retainer to get his money back.
    If your Dad had to front the money for your BK, you are probably as
    irresponsible as you sound...


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      Medical bankruptcy

      I am filing Ch 7 through a lawyer. Here in Fl, only $1000 of the value
      of a car is exempt. He tells me that the bankruptcy trustee will want
      the car for sure, but will accept the cash value of the car instead,
      allowing me to keep the car. I hope I can take the word of my lawyer on
      this. The car is worth about $5000, and I guess I will get the money
      from an "equity line of credit" I have with the bank.

      Richard S.