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Credit Report after Ch 7 discharge

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  • Credit Report after Ch 7 discharge

    My Chapter 7 discharged in September. I have received a copy of my credit report and see that, though the bankruptcy is noted, all of the creditors are still reporting past due. Some of them have "bankrupcy" noted on them, but they are still on there. Can they do that? Does anyone know how having them on there will affect my credit score?

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    Unfortunately it seems they can keep this on for quite some time. My BK shows all CO or whats charged off. They will have to take off the co after the allotted time limit 7-10 yrs. It also seems that this will not matter so much after 2 yrs of a good credit. You need to have this good credit on at least 2 accounts but do not have more than 3. A car loan,a mortgage, 1 credit card is a good start. I would look at confusedinva's post and nj reaffirmation responsibility to see what creditors do.


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      All accts that were included in bk must have "included in bk" in the remarks section of your c/r for each creditor, if they do not you have to write to each bureau and let them know which ones need updating, also go to an office supply store and buy a credit restoration software program that will include forms to dispute items and fix your report up, we are 6 months out of a bk and were able to buy a new car and a house, although our interest rate is higher then normal


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        You can write the credit bureaus yourself, or hire a law firm that specializes in credit repair to write on your behalf. If you go the credit repair route, I believe a reputable law firm is far superior to a credit repair service as there is greater assurance that their representation uses legal tactics and strategies.


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          After Discharged

          Hello All-

          My account was discharged earlier last year.

          And to Arlo:regarding the credit score; you have to submit a dispute to all three credit agencies and ask them to re-score, if they have'nt already. From what I was told you have to tell them what you want them to do otherwise they will not do it. I just recently went through something similar and I had to send everything regarding my bankrupt (discharge papers, and list of creditors) to all three agencies for investigation/dispute and I also had to ask them to re-score. Once everything was settled there were still a few itmes that did not show "Included in Bankrupatcy" so I contacted those agencies and sent them the same information. Most organizations have a bankruptacy department. But remenber to document and write down date and names. Everything was cleared up in about a month, because of the holidays.