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Eviction process in Wisconsin

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  • Eviction process in Wisconsin

    I have had the foreclosure sale already and the bank bought the property.

    I had a verbal agreement with the bank to move out on a certain date but they failed to supply the agreement and for me to sign it as I never got it. The Realtor was supposed to bring it by and they were going to pay me $250 to have the place clean and be out by this date. Once again the realtor called and set up a time to meet and never came by.

    I have not been served any papers by the Sheriff for eviction.

    How do you know when you will be evicted?

    Can you be evicted by surprise?

    Can they just show up on a date and evict?

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    Check to see if your state has a redemption period. If so you may have more time than you think to occupy the property. If not the sheriff will come and let you know its time to vacant the premises. If there is no redemption period when the bank wants you out it doesnt matter if you didnt sign anything you will have to leave the premises. Normally when the sheriff show up they will not even give you time to get your belongings so do your research and be prepared. Good luck and God bless!