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California debt owed please give quick input California

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  • California debt owed please give quick input California

    I owe for tickets/dui. My Court fines have been transfered to a debt collector called alliance one. I havnet paid them yet, and its been a couple years. I didnt get any withholdings from my checks(working) last year. I am getting a tax refund, and curious if the refund will be withheld by the debt collectors.

    Can they take state and federal tax return? or just state?....

    i do plan on taking care of this debt i just am not in a position to right this second.

    Any input would be greatly apreciated, Thanks

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    Before they can take any of your assets/income, they have to go to court & get a judgment against you.
    (They can then go after any non-exempt assets that your state allows.)
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