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I work for a debt collection company.... Wisconsin

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  • I work for a debt collection company.... Wisconsin

    I work for a debt collection company, obviously we are required to follow the FDCPA both as debt collectors and as a company. It has come to my attention a few employees (both current and former) have done specific things that break the FDCPA laws for example having post dated checks agreed for a specific amount and specific date of payment being changed to higher dollar amounts to "see if they go through", and some times I've heard certain collectors saying things like, "Do you believe in Jesus Christ?" to debtors and then, "Don't you think Jesus would do the right thing and pay his bill?" Or "Jesus wouldn't like it if you were talking to him like that..." etc. I don't know if FDCPA covers religious comments, but I assume it does (have to do more research). Am I required to tell anyone about this legally (the violations)? Also, the managers and owners know and totally are fine with all violations....they love it.

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    I am guessing the State Attorney General would love to hear about this company and their tactics. Give them a call.

    Office of the Attorney General....... (608) 266-1221


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      I just wanted to mention....

      I always obey the FDCPA laws and I'm super overly nice to people I am forced to call at my job because I know what it's like to be in debt and I only took the job to support my family of three (I'm the only person working), but I hate some of the tactics they use to collect money. I'm being pushed to be more direct and basically mean by my manager, and I refuse to do it. I'm leaving the company as soon as another job I believe I will get is able to hire me. I hate the job.


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        Originally posted by minnesotahaterz View Post
        I'm leaving the company as soon as another job I believe I will get is able to hire me. I hate the job.
        You're right in that you don't want to leave this job, even though you hate it, until you have another one. If you quit, you will not get unemployment ins. while looking for other employment.

        Good luck to you as you pursue other employment.

        VetsWife is correct that violations of the FDCPA can be reported to the state attorney general's office though they can also be reported to the Federal Trade Commission. 1-800-382-4357 FTC at Consumer Response Ctr, 600 Pa. Ave., Wash. DC 20580
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