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  • Certificate of Service Washington

    I'll be mailing to the debt collector and filing with the court four papers. They are 1) Notice of Appearance, 2) Answer, Affirmative Defenses, 3) Certificate of Service, and 4) Cease and Desist Letter.

    Should the court be notified of the Cease and Desist document I'm sending to the debt collectors in the Certificate of Service document I will be filing with the court clerk? Or is this another matter to be filed separately?

    In other words, should I just put that I've mailed a Notice of Appearance and Answer in the Certificate of Service. Or should I put that I've mailed to the debt collector a Notice of Appearance, Answer, and Cease and Desist Letter?

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    It doesn't hurt to let the court know of the cease & desist letter. If you are never sure of what the court requires, the court clerk can/will tell you this.
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