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ANYONE willing to read this? I'm so lost, is there a "way out"? Massachusetts

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  • ANYONE willing to read this? I'm so lost, is there a "way out"? Massachusetts

    I was withdrawn from a school February 3, through the Dean we'll call her JK, after being withdrawn I asked to speak with a finance rep so that I can have all the financial aid given to me returned, the dean told me no i could not, and handed me a worksheet illustrating my tuition reversal, but with a book charge. She said to bring the books in to return them.

    After that I left without understanding why I couldn't meet with a finance rep, because i remembered signing up for loans individually with a finance rep, so i needed to have those loans cancelled, with a finance rep.
    I called the one I was assigned when I was first enrolled, to ask her what saw on my account, if it said any of what the Dean was showing me, and she didn't. This finance rep said I could come in the following day to handle it.

    After that, i find that the books had already been shipped for me, since (one of the papers) gave directions to returning books through a ups shipment i figured this was okay, i have the receipt so i could show it to the finance rep tomorrow.

    02.04 : I meet with another finance rep, not the same one i spoke with before, but she made a call to cancel one of the loans, the PLUS loan. Tells me in order to have my other loans cancelled there's a process and so to call February 19, she will take care of everything, and gives a student ledger.
    This doesn't show what the Dean showed me, instead it shows an outstanding balance.

    I call 2/19 but the rep is rushing off saying the tuition balance has a process to take and the genesis loan is still processing, i asked if she could mail me whats on my account when this process is over she says i should get a student ledger on monday.

    monday, tuesday, tomorrow wednesday and STILL NO ledger.

    I called the finance rep to ask about the ledger but had to leave a voice message.

    I called the genesis loan services and they say they do have record that she called BUT GET THIS I DIDN'T GET A FRIGGIN NAME FROM THE PERSON THAT SAID THAT TO ME!

    I called BACK to get a name but THEN someone says she has NO record that the finance rep called.


    Can anyone input or offer help
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    Why don't you wait & see if you get a call back from finance rep.? I don't know what else to tell you. (other than what was mentioned in previous thread)
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