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    I have a troubling situation. I had a loan with a Credit Union here in Texas that I received in 2003 as my ex-wife worked at the credit union at the time. Both of us were co-borrow's on the auto loan in general and it was attached to the checking account. She of course was the primary because she worked there and because she was the primary on the memebr account because it was an employee account. However we seperated a few months later and I took the car as it was mine and continued to make payments on it. It turns out that she had gotten approved for another car loan under the same account without my knowledge about 3-5 months later and I believe another personal loan also. Well she ended up defaulting on all of those loans and ended up quitting the credit union. Well needless to say we had finally made our divorce offcial in the fall of 2006 as I did not have the money to do it earlier. I was told that these loans would not affect me in any way when I eventually found out about them as she did not diclose them on the divorce decree either, meanwhile my car was shown as my responsibility on the decree and that I took ownership of it. I paid off the car in early 2007 and expected to get my title. They would not give it to me as it showed that I owned on a small personal loan that was not mine but hers that she had gotten in back in 2003 and apparently she had forged my name on it as I did not approve of this either and it shows on my credit report. She also forged my name on a skip-a-pay(I think twice) also without my knowledge just to get money from me in 2005. About a month ago I wrecked my car and went in to get my title and go ahead a pay off the measily amount for the forged loan and take the hit just to get it taken care of it so I could receive the title. Now they are saying that they cannot release the title because the are saying that it was used for cross-collateral for her other loans she took after we seperated and that I had no knowledge of. I never approved her to do this and when I asked about these loans they could not release this information to me because my name isn't on these loans, but yet they can hold my car accountable for those loans. I have since moved on with my life but she has been avoiding them for years and they are asking for me to try and contact her so she can call them to get it squared away and release the title to me. What it sounds like is they are trying to get in touch with her in regards to getting their money from her for her defaulted loans. She is just going to say "screw you, I don't have any money." I need to know what rights I have and what I can do. Her working there allowed a lot of this to happen and many fraudulant things to happen causing this stuff to be "overlooked" so what can I do? She doesn't own anything and she is a complete loser now. All I want is my title and I will even pay that small loan just to get this taken care of and done but they won't allow me too. They want to speak to her regardless about it. I have requested copies of the loan paperwork for the car and for the small loan which had my name forged on it, and they have been giving me the runaround with that also and even charge for their time to retrieve these documents, which in itself is a load of BS. What am I able to do on this?? What are my rights regarding this cross-collateral issue I am having??? Please help me as I am at wits end!!!