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A very good Arizona BK attorney!

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  • A very good Arizona BK attorney!

    First, thanks to everyone in this group that encouraged me to seek out a
    qualified BK attorney instead of trying to do it myself. That alone has
    saved me a ton of grief and possible disaster. We went to our 341 hearing
    this morning and it was a breeze compared to what happened to others there.
    No surprises and spent about 2 minutes total before the trustee.
    Our attorney's web site is here:
    I highly recommend him as he and his secretary kept us informed at all
    times, provided all necessary forms, etc. He even will accept a $200
    retainer so you can tell your creditors that you have retained him and they
    will stop calling. Be sure to get his information packet, it's free, and
    gives you everything you need to get started.